What I Do as a Psychic Medium

I am clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. This means I see, hear and feel energy, beyond the physical. My readings offer clarity where there has been confusion and a deeper understanding of your situation and of what is blocking you moving forward. I believe in empowering my clients, and after the reading you will receive a list of books, websites, referrals to other healers, etc. to assist you in your process. A reading is only one step towards self-discovery and healing. Your soul remembers that life is about opening to more joy, ease and freedom. We are all “works in progress.”

Because I am close to the other side when I read, often those who have crossed over will come through even in a psychic reading. I have no control over this opening to the other side. Contact from a loved one who has crossed over is a very healing event. When someone who has passed on contacts me, I see and hear them. I experience their initial presence in many ways, sensing energy, hearing words to convey their presence, as well as in images. One example is when a clients’ loved one showed me a large hand-held fan, and I heard the opening line from an opera. This person was a “huge opera fan!” Those who have passed on “signify” their presence by showing me something or saying something that only you, the client, know. This is true mediumship! Just saying “oh they loved you, or they wish you peace” is NOT mediumship. Those on the other side offer a perspective you may need to hear, reassurance that they are absolutely fine and the bonds between you are still intact. Sometimes the relationship on Earth was not healed and they may want to speak to that. Love never, ever “dies.” Knowing that the connection is still vibrant and real brings healing.

Many people wonder what is the difference between a psychic and a medium. A psychic perceives information, while a medium receives information. Note that not all psychics are mediums but all mediums are psychic.

Rates & Payment

$200 for a 60 minute reading. Readings are the same experience in person or over the phone. You can pay by cash or check. I only take credit cards online through PayPal right here on my site. (South Carolina Low Country Clients: Please email for information on introductory rate.)

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Ethics and Seeing a Psychic or Psychic Medium

Many practitioners are highly ethical individuals with good boundaries and understand that their gifts are meant to help people on their life path. However, as in any profession where there is a power imbalance, there are those who exploit the vulnerable and see their clients as people to take advantage of, either financially or sexually. This is in a word – abuse. Do not see a psychic who asks you for more money than agreed upon, to burn special candles for your wishes to come true, threatens that your life will become very hard and awful if you don’t comply with their request for funds, or who insists you need many dark energy clearings for another payment. It is illegal, immoral and unethical to work this way.

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