Suzanne Sez

Loving Kindness- why me?

so you know how we all teach what we need to learn? I have written about this before but it is up again in my psyche. I truly believe we are all reflections of each other- we all have a shadow side that most of us are not either in touch with or are uncomfortable...

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Plugged-in and so vastly tuned-out

dear sistah brothahs on Planet E.... is it just me or is it annoying to you too that peeps are walking " zombies" glued to their hand-held computer screens; does anyone ever make eye contact walking down the street anymore? is it just me or do u feel annoyed too when...

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How to stop the war inside

When i sit with clients during a reading or a spiritual counseling session, I often say to them,  "This is your meditation, catching that critical voice within, or the choir of voices, stop, in this moment and ask, "is this true? is this who I really am, this terrible...

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Embracing the World...her "religion" is Love opening my heart to mySelf and others deepening the longing to live a conscious, compassionate, meaningful life what a blessing

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Reactivity or response…a world of difference

dear Ones, Texting driving you crazy when u are on the freeway? Is it hard to see anyone as a Child of the Divine when they are driving so close to your car that you think they ought to just hop in the back seat? The other day, while driving on 580 East at 930 a.m. I...

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Greta Garbo and me

Greta Garbo, for some of you who may not know, was a stunning beauty whose talent on-screen in Hollywood could have sustained her well into her elder years; however she left the biz and lived her life in relative seclusion in Manhattan,her penthouse apartment in a...

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“To see a world in a grain of sand”

William Blake was a mystic and a poet. I think about his famous phrase when i gaze into a flower..deeply seeing the folds, like some amazing origami only nature can walks  take me to many streets with gardens lovingly grown and tended by folks i will never...

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The Modern Woman-doing it all?

The universe has sent me the most amazing team of women to support my vocation. I hired a 24 year old marketing genius who is navigating me , the old baby boomer, through the perils of FaceBook, Twitter, and even this blogging thing. I have a baby boomer website...

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