I look forward to meeting you!

My name is Suzanne Freed. I have been blessed to work as a clairvoyant psychic and medium for many years in Oakland, California. The psychic part of a reading unfolds as I read your energy.  Spirit guides show me what is blocking your life, what needs to shift for you to create a life of ease, abundance, healing and joy. I offer impressions of what the future may hold, but I cannot predict the lottery. If I could do that, well I would be on permanent vacation! My intuitive readings provide guidance and assist you in seeing clearly what your unconscious has been whispering to you for a long time.

In my psychic readings the door to the other side is also open to me and ancestors, or others in spirit you knew or didn’t, may come through to speak to you. I am not in charge of who comes through. A medium is the conduit for spirit on the other side to contact the client. Some of you may be here because of a recent loss and are seeking connection to a loved one who has passed on. Be gentle with yourself on the journey of healing from your grief. Grief is like a roller-coaster ride and it has unexpected twists and turns. I welcome our time together as your loved ones in spirit visit with us.

No matter what has brought you here, I welcome you and look forward to assisting you on your journey. May your Earth walk be full of joy as you honor your Divine Self and your reason for being on this planet. We are all “envelopes of God.” Our job description for this lifetime includes both, taking care of our bodies/envelopes, as well as honoring the talents and gifts/the contents of our envelopes.

The Envelopes of God

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