Reactivity or response…a world of difference

dear Ones,

Texting driving you crazy when u are on the freeway? Is it hard to see anyone as a Child of the Divine when they are driving so close to your car that you think they ought to just hop in the back seat?

The other day, while driving on 580 East at 930 a.m. I was forced out the fast lane, as I was driving at 72 miles an hour.;first the driver was on my butt, then he or she, don’t know because it happened so fast, flew into the shoulder lane to push me out of my lane-Thank God no one was in the next lane as I moved over. then the car cut in front of me, barely missing my left front end and drove across the lanes to exit on High Street.

To say I was shaken, stunned and angry…..well I was also sad and that was a surprise to me; my anger faded, my shock and sorrow remained for some time. What kind of person does this? Obviously a very disturbed individual, very angry, out of control and reckless of the value of life, his/hers or anyone else’s.

The planet is full of lessons for us to open our hearts in compassion, for ourselves and others, but you know, sometimes these lessons push us to our edge- do i react or respond?

In 1972 I was a very angry driver on the parkways of New York City and the outlying boroughs.  I was an angry pedestrian too, I hit a cab with my furled up umbrella at Madison and 74th street because the driver almost hit me; he jumped out of his car to chase me, I ran like the wind. I was younger then.

Perhaps my past has caught up to teach me a lesson, OK I AM LISTENING UP THERE!!!