How to stop the war inside

When i sit with clients during a reading or a spiritual counseling session, I often say to them,  “This is your meditation, catching that critical voice within, or the choir of voices, stop, in this moment and ask, “is this true? is this who I really am, this terrible person my inner voice(s) says I am?’ 

Hell to the NO!!!! Slay the inner critic…embrace yourSelf as the Divine sees you. Not as the ego/critic screams at you and tries to convince you that this is who you are-some incompetent fool, or worse.

Meditation is not always about sitting on a pillow, it is about being willing to stay conscious to all the ways we tear ourselves down in our thoughts and then project it onto the world around us. We really cannot stop the wars, conflicts, violence, and bullying in all it’s forms,on this planet, unless we begin to stop bullying our precious selves.
A student once said to me that his critic “kept him in line,” I suggested he find a more loving way to do that, omitting the cruel words and cutting commentary. We say we want peace but are we willing to encourage internal peace? We say we want war no more, but are we really willing to end the strife within?

May we all find ways to being to breathe and live and talk peace in our hearts, minds and eventually, to the world we encounter.

A Course In Miracles says each encounter is holy. Can you see the holiness in yourself and extend it to others, ahh, this is the work!!

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  1. Debbie Durrell

    It is difficult to find this internal peace when you are in an especially difficult and draining personal situation. A spouse of 45 years who is suffering with a neuro-muscular disease and who is becoming more and more difficult to live with every day. It drains your inner peace and leaves you often tired , with bitter, resentful feelings. How do you get through something like this? We are often victims of our situations and its not that easy.

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