What I Do as a Psychic Medium

I am clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant. This means I see, hear, and feel the energy beyond the physical. My readings offer clarity where there has been confusion and a deeper understanding of your situation and of what is blocking you from moving forward. I believe in empowering my clients, after the reading, you will receive a list of books, websites, referrals to other healers, or other modalities for healing, all to assist you in your life journey. A reading is only one step towards self-discovery and healing. Your soul remembers that life is about opening to more joy, ease, and freedom. We are all “works in progress” and healing from trauma, in this life or another lifetime, is how we open more to our spiritual lives, embracing wholeness and freedom.

As I explained elsewhere on the site, I am also a medium. Contact from a loved one who has crossed over is a very healing event. When someone who has passed on contacts me, I experience their initial presence in many ways, sensing their energy, and hearing their words, as well as being shown images. One example is when a clients’ loved one showed me a large hand-held fan, and I heard operatic singing. I said to my sitter (the client), ” I feel that this is your father and he was a big fan of opera” My client began to laugh and cry as this was indeed her father.

Those who have passed on “signify” their presence by showing me events, or memories, or saying something that only you, the client, know. This is true mediumship! Just saying “oh they loved you, or they wish you peace” is VAGUE! You do not want generalities  in your mediumship experience. Significators or evidence is very important. ANYONE can say, “they loved you”, “they are always around watching over you” etc. 

Those on the Other Side offer a perspective you may need to hear, reassurance that they are absolutely fine and the bonds between you are still intact. Often they show their personality traits when they were alive in the body, sometimes there are memories of the past or they comment on what is happening in your life now. Every meeting with a client is different.  Sometimes the relationship on Earth was not healed, and they may want to speak to that. It is your session and I always check in with my client to make sure that the person we are communicating with is someone the client wants to hear from, if it is not, I respectfully ask that person in Spirit to step back.

Love never, ever “dies.” Knowing that the connection is still vibrant and real brings healing.