Loving Kindness- why me?

so you know how we all teach what we need to learn? I have written about this before but it is up again in my psyche. I truly believe we are all reflections of each other- we all have a shadow side that most of us are not either in touch with or are uncomfortable acknowledging even if we know about it; easier to point a finger at others than to look at our own anger, rage, judgement of others, criticism, both directed at ourselves and the world around us. 
I teach what i need to learn. My guru Amma says “We are all beads strung on the same thread, each one is different but all are the same…Love is what binds us together” I teach Loving Kindness, or metta, meditation because when I get on the freeway I don’t feel particularly loving nor kind; i do try, i let folks get in front of me as we merge, i really try to, i try not to cut people off by speeding around them as I was wont to do when i was younger and drove like a race car driver not caring who i cut off or sped past in my rush to get …where was i going in such a damned hurry?  Loving Kindness in action means  i send these thoughts to folks, May you be at peace, may you be healed, may you have ease; it is not a meditation done only sitting in the silence and peace of my home; it is meant to be a meditation in action, a noticing my thoughts which really want to say to the idiots, umm, I mean the folks in the other cars, “YOU are NOT a child of ANY God i know of, you are a total jerk, stop tailgating my car, you are a ***%%#%@”..you get the drift of those thoughts.

SIGH- so i slowly begin to notice when i am being an angry out of control crazy Bay Area California driver and then I stop, breathe in, breathe out( wax on, wax off- The Karate Kid)..then i begin to substitute my unloving angry re-activity with “May I be at peace, may you be at peace, you stupid..oops, May you be at peace my sisterbrother in the car nearby trying to kill me…oops, May you be at peace, may you have ease, may you drive safely and me too.”